Housing Loan

Housing Loan for Individual
DPNBL reaches out to you with fast, friendly and most convenient home loans for:
Construction or purchase of house/ flat.
Purchase of house/ flat on First Power of Attorney basis from the original allottee.
Carrying out repairs/ renovations/ additions/ alterations to existing house/ flat.

Special Feature – To cover the loan outstanding, life Insurance cover is also available on payment of one time premium which can also be financed by the Bank.
Extent of loan

For construction/purchase of house/flat:- 75% of the cost of construction of house or purchase of house/flat. For carrying out repairs/ renovations/ additions/ alterations: – 60% of the estimated cost subject to maximum of Nu. 0.2 Million. Loan upto Nu. 200 thousand for purchase of Land/ Plot. Loan is available maximum upto Nu.0.2 Million for furnishing

Mortgage of property for which finance is being given.

Loan is to be repaid in equated monthly installments within a period of 25 years or before the borrower attains the age of 65 years. Repayment of loan for repair/ renovation/ addition/alteration has , however been restricted to 10 years. Loan upto Nu. 0.2 Million for purchase of Land/ Plot. Loan is available maximum upto Nu. 0.2 Million for furnishing

Pre- Payment charges
Nil- In cases where the loans are prepaid by the borrower from their own sources Nil- In cases where the borrower shifts to other bank within 30 days from the date of issuance of circular for upward revision in the rate of interest to be charged in his account or change in other terms of sanction.
2 % – In cases where the account is taken over by some other Bank/ Financial institutions by way of availment of loan from such bank/ financial Institutes.

For outright purchase of house/ flat, the loan amount will be paid in lumpsum to the vendor.
For house/ flat under construction, the loan amount will be disbursed in stages as per progress of construction/ demand by selling agency.

For more details and other formalities contact nearest branch head.

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