Personal Loan to Public

* All Government Employees
* Private Job: Minimum annual Income Nu.0.20 million
* The confirmed/permanent employees of above mentioned categories who are not drawing their salary through our Bank branches, under *check-off facility only.
However, any Company/institution is to be termed as reputed company/institution only with the approval of Corporate Office taking into account the financial strength of the Company/institution

To meet all types of personal needs.

Minimum net monthly income
Nu. 8500 per month for eligible customers.
However, for Teachers and Defence Personnel including officials of Military Station Headquarters, whose salary is being credited and disbursed through our branches the minimum Net Monthly Income criteria shall be Nu.5,000

Nature & amount of loan
Minimum amount of loan will be Nu.10,000/- and maximum amount of loan Nu.3,00,000/- or 30 times monthly net salary whichever is lower, depending upon the repaying capacity.


Repayment of loan
The entire loan shall be repaid in maximum 60(sixty) equated monthly installments (EMIs) comprising of principal & interest OR remaining period of service, whichever is earlier.
Note: The amount of recovery should be limited to an amount that leaves at least 40% of the salary for the employee after deducting installment for various loans including installment of this loan, PF, Income Tax and other statutory deductions, if any. In other words, the carry home pay of an employee under no circumstances should be less than 40% of his/her gross emoluments.

For more details and other formalities contact nearest branch head.

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